How You Block Your Power

Turning to sadness or powerlessness instead of anger, when anger is the natural state Exercising an excessive amount or, on the contrary, never getting into your body at all Deprivation or control: imposing your will or mental rules on your eating or sexual habits ("why am I so hungry/eating so much" / "I need to...")... Continue Reading →

Feminism Requires Opening

Have you seen this kind of woman? Brilliant and gorgeous and deep inside she has no idea about it. Flawless face and smile but look again and there is a sadness... She was taught she is more attractive when she stays elusive. Pretty but a run-away deer, a doe... Hunted. She became a feminist but... Continue Reading →

Men & Women: Healing the Divide

Dear masculine / men: We long to receive without "commerce, transaction, fairness or integrity." Every time you say or even think in the backest of your minds, I'll trade this for that, our vigilance (alertness) goes up. We will refuse to receive anything because we think it will have us owe something. And when a... Continue Reading →

The Cycle of Healing

The feminine in her natural expression is such a rare resource that the masculine, starved, is apt to come at her faster than she's comfortable. So she hides again, more reluctant to show herself. The cycle repeats on both ends. That is the paradox. If you're looking for well-being, health, fullfillment, joy, the generous loving... Continue Reading →

Reframing Selfishness

People-pleasing often masquerades as "selflessness." When you're choosing generousness/helpfulness over following your desire... Are you sure you're not just managing what people think of you? (Or, hell, what you think of yourself.) "I'm being selfless" is an easy moral replacement for "I care what people think" or "I only think well of myself when I'm... Continue Reading →


I have a close woman friend who has characteristics that make me jealous and insecure. In some ways I feel less than her... I open up to her about it. She does what a good woman is supposed to do: shrink and contract to make me more comfortable. (Isn't that what we women do for... Continue Reading →


I see very sensitive people around me not wanting to fully come to Earth or inhabit their bodies. "I have too much compassion, sensitivity, sadness, darkness, trauma, or -fill in the blank- for this Earth. It does not have the space for me." It's as if they have not made the decision that they want... Continue Reading →


Every woman is disruptive. Ideally, she's disruptive to what is not real, not helpful, outdated -- outside and inside of her. A woman who refuses to be disruptive is a woman who loses touch with her power. * * * The princess and the pea. She can feel a pea twenty mattresses underneath. Can't she... Continue Reading →

On Privilege

I once told a coach of mine, "I feel unsupported." After asking what it would take for me to feel supported, he said something that made me laugh: "If being supported is a binary yes-or-no question, you're a white female living above ground in 2017. You're supported." I'm currently doing personal transformational work around money, because... Continue Reading →

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